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We are recognized as one of the trailblazing and pioneering changemakers to have initiated a culture of understanding that it all lies in the details. Trusted by some of the most prominent domestic and international players for our steadfast products as high purity vodka-grade ENA, Grain Extra Neutral Alcohol, Rectified Spirit, Whiskey, Impure Spirit .

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but we have promises to keep; And mile to go before we sleep, and miles to go before we sleep!” Staying true to the spirit of growing and growing together with the business family, we have progressively and strategically diversified into offering alcoholic beverages, country liquor as well as foreign liquor.

We anticipate the same level of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction that our stakeholders have always showed and bestowed on us. We assure that this yet another success story will witness an outstanding amount of quality conformation and trailblazing product profiles, with interesting parallels and eminent competent brackets.

X Treme Blue - Premium Grain Whisky

A Fine blend of Indian grain spirits and imported mature malts for exquisite smoothness and rounded taste.

Grain Ice Vodka

Seven times distilled premium grain spirits. Natural colour and flavours. Seven time distilled and special charcoal filtered pure grain spirit.

Black Buck

Some things are better dark, so is our drink. Enjoy the finest and smoothest blend from ingredients that taste like a treat to your buds.

The black buck is also known as indian antelope. Its natural presence in the surroundings of our distillery inspired us to create a rare blend. It is a smooth scotch malt blended whisky without any artificial flavours.

Brand with taste of real Indian Grain Spirit made from selected maize/corn which produces very good Grain Neutral Spirit. The Purity of which qualify the US and UK specifications apart from Indian standards. Specially selected SCOTCH which contains typical oak wood aroma with fruity, sweet and hint of smoky character which is predominantly liked by Indian Consumers. On taste part, our brand supersedes many market brands which are placed in the higher price segment.


The eclectic and eccentric drink of our selections, this drink is bound to excite your emotions with a powerful punch. Come, let us make our good times extreme-ly fantastic!

The X stands for the stand-out ability and also the multiplication of effect to your heart content. Fine Blend of Highest Quality Indian Grain Spirit and Imported SCOTCH Malts with smooth and round taste. Specially selected imported SCOTCH Malt which contains typical malt ester aroma with a fruity note.


Borrowed from the English dialect, the name stands true to its name, Meister is a premium brand that is refined, neat and crisp to best suit its favourable.

Meister XXX Rum gives Typical RUM character. This character is liked by almost all category RUM LOVERS.

Meister XXX Rum is a quality dark rum made by traditional method. It has most of the favourite Carribean rum characters and awesome characteristics at an affordable price. Strong Carribean rum flavour which is permeated with flavours of rich vanilla abound, giving the dark rum a strong appeal in the glass. Flavour profile of our Rum typically features notes of vanilla, cola, caramel and hint of spice.

Classic Man

A top-notch whisky for the penultimate gentleman, this drink is characterized by a strong taste, fragrance and an after-taste that resonates with a powerful personality. The character of the blend gives a highly appreciated flavour. The whisky is extremely smooth and gives feel of a typical premium and superior blend.